TTCSI takes local designers Meiling, Heather Jones and Ecliff Elie to Major UK Fashion Show

May 27, 2014 | News

The TTCSI is proud to announce that, later this month, it will be facilitating the participation of three of the country’s top designers in one of the Fashion Industry’s major events. TTCSI views this mission as a fundamental tool to assist local designers in increasing their export volume on the UK market. Ecliff Elie, Heather Jones and Meiling have been selected to particpate in this mission based on their experience and the fact that they are already exporting their services and products.


With Meiling exporting women’s and men’s clothing and resort wear to Jamaica, Barbados, Martinique, Guadeloupe, St. Lucia, Anguilla, Antigua; Ecliff Elie already selling male and female garments to customers in New York, Germany, Switzerland, Canada and the Caribbean and; Heather Jones’ hand- painted fabric recognised in many foreign markets, the trade mission is expected to generate some tangible benefits in the form of contracts for the local fashion industry.


The mission will be centered in London but will include a visit to the MODA trade show in Birmingham. MODA UK is a fashion trade show held twice a year, offering a diverse product range covering beachwear, women’s wear, menswear, footwear and accessories for mainstream, lifestyle and casual wear retail requirements. MODA is the only place in the UK where the whole fashion industry is under one roof.  More information can be found on MODA website (


TTCSI sees this mission as a key part of its effort to promote service sector exports. Last year the TTCSI took service providers to the French Caribbean on a trade mission which has already begun to yield results. In addition, the organisation has hosted workshops on innovation, intellectual property, business development and service exporting in an attempt to build capacity and increase export potential of local firms and service providers. More information can be found at


The regional delegation which will visit the UK will be composed of representatives from Barbados, St Lucia and Jamaica and will focus on promoting trade within the creative industries sub sectors, discussing ways of facilitating partnerships between professionals and looking at creative ways to deepen their presence on the European markets. Participants at the Mission will engage in business to business meetings and explore the business opportunities that exist in the UK markets.  The mission includes tailored business matching meetings with key officials and network cocktail functions among other activities.