How does the TTCSI benefit Service Associations?

1. Access to Regional & Global Networks
The TTCSI is a member of regional and international networks of Coalition of Services Industries organisations. As such we have access to a vibrant network that is focused on driving growth of services and collaborating in an effort to raise awareness of, and find solutions to, service sector issues.

2. Export & Market Development Training Programmes
Services Go Global Training Programme
The Services Go Global (SGG) Programme is an export readiness training programme for service providers which includes a 4-stage roadmap taking participants through 12 modules of export preparation. Over 100 competencies can be achieved through the completion of exercises and the implementation of recommended tools and templates included in the programme. The programme was developed by the Global Coalition of Services Industries for implementation by Coalitions of Services Industries organisations across the globe. Therefore, the TTCSI is the only agency in Trinidad & Tobago certified to offer this critical training.

Gateway To Trade Accelerator Programme
This is an accelerator programme which supports the growth of trade-in-services by building the export capacity of service sector stakeholders including: SME service providers, intermediary organisations, industry associations and government. All training programmes are offered at reduced rates to the membership of our member associations.

3. Access to Opportunities from Regional and International Donor Agencies
As the representative collective services body for Trinidad & Tobago, TTCSI receives access to regional and international funding and training opportunities, which are then shared with members for uptake.

4. Meeting Facilitation
The TTCSI through its wide public and private sector network of stakeholders can facilitate meetings with the following entities:

  • B2B: through our network of professional private sector trade associations, we have access to decision-makers in leading businesses across Trinidad & Tobago.
  • GORTT: our team can also arrange meetings with Ministries and State Entities, where appropriate.

5. Half-day Strategic Planning Retreat
TTCSI’s CEO having developed a bespoke strategic planning methodology in-house, will facilitate the execution of a halfday Strategic Planning Retreat for Senior Management and/or Boards of Directors. All actual costs to be borne by the member organisation.

6. Access to Cutting Edge Knowledge Products
The TTCSI is at the forefront of gathering and collating national statistical data which will help businesses make more informed, data-driven, strategic planning decisions. As a member of the TTCSI, you will be among the first to access these real-time reports.

7. National Services Portal
The TTCSI’s National Services Portal will be launched in june 2022 to facilitate connecting local service providers to local/regional/international clients and partners. A discounted rate will be applied to companies and professionals who are members of TTCSI’s group of associations.

8. Nominate Members to serve on State Boards
As the leading services sector association in Trinidad & Tobago, the TTCSI is often invited to nominate members to serve on State Boards, Committees and other governmental decisionmaking collaborative groups. Suitable candidates are selected from among our members.

9. Advocacy & Lobbying
As a research driven organisation, we prepare position papers and other advocacy documents to lobby GORTT and regional bodies on key issues impacting the services sector and in the interests of our members.

10. Rental Facilities
TTCSI’s conference room and training facility is situated in the heart of the capital city, ideally located to host your meetings, workshops, seminars, training sessions and press briefings. Members can access a reduced rental rate. Our team can assist with all your catering and AV needs.

11. TTCSI Event Mail-out
As a member, we share e-invitations to your events via our Facebook and Instagram pages which have an active growing following. This is at no additional cost.

12. Survey Design & Execution
The TTCSI’s research and development team will design via Survey Monkey; and execute one survey per annum for dissemination to your membership. We will also generate an initial report and conduct basic analysis.

How does the TTCSI support growth of the Services Sector?

  • Provide service providers with information about export opportunities.
  • Identify and exploit market opportunities.
  • Encourage national services associations to engage in developing export programmes and promotional activities through local, regional and international collaboration.
  • Promote the development and competitiveness of the national services sector.
  • Support and facilitate the development of service industry standards.
  • Educate services providers on relevant aspects of trade agreements that affect trade-in-services.
  • Represent the interests of the national services sector by lobbying the Government of the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago (GORTT) and other state entities as appropriate.
  • Promote fair multilateral rules for trade-in-services.
  • Participate at the CARICOM Services Sub-Committee