This morning at a media conference, The Trinidad and Tobago Coalition of Services Industries (TTCSI) launched Services Week 2009 at its new offices on Cornelio Street, Woodbrook. The TTCSI, a national umbrella body that brings together all services sector organizations and associations in Trinidad and Tobago, expects thousands of people to participate in the week’s activities.

The developer of the first Internet Firewall and a consultant engaged in cutting-edge work to help cities attract and retain talent, will also be presenters at events in the 2009 National Services Week.

Speaking at the news conference on Tuesday TTCSI President Lawrence Placide explained that “the services sector in T&T is the largest in the Caribbean. While in other countries services may account for a larger portion of their GDP, this country’s services sector is larger than that of any other Caribbean islands. That is why we need to promote the development of the sector and to encourage our service providers and service companies to export.”

TTCSI CEO Nirad Tewarie stressed on the importance and relevance of the Services sector to the local economy, given that the sector accounts for 59% of T&T’s GDP and is the largest employer in the country.

He further outlined some of the objectives of Services Week with its’ intention being to inform individuals and organizations about the strengths and opportunities within our diverse services sector and to create the awareness of the potential for export growth of this sector.  Servicing Our Future, the theme of this year’s Services Week, creates an opportunity for service providers to participate in a series of seminars and activities over a six-day period from November 1st to 6th 2009. 

This, the second annual services week has already seen a significant growth from last year, not only with participating members but this year the TTCSI has sought out two world renowned international presenters.

Developer of the First Commercially Successful Internet Firewall, Dr. David Pensak and Peter Kageyama – a Consultant whose main area of expertise is providing development services for the creative economy by focusing on entrepreneurs, arts & culture, cities and technologies.

For more information please visit or cal the Secretariat at 622- 9229.