Six (6) Creative Firms To Participate in Study and Mission Tour to Europe ,Manchester/ London and Paris

Heather Jones Ltd., Meiling Inc., Full Circle Production, Pallarax Productions, Studio Jay Recording Ltd and Sacha Cosmetics are five local firms from the Creative Industry participating in an upcoming Study Tour and Mission to the UK, Germany and France. Twenty firms from other CARIFORUM Countries will join them.  The event is coordinated by Caribbean Export Development Agency (Caribbean Export) and financed by the European Commission, through the ACP Business Climate (Bizclim) Programme.
The objective of the study tour is to provide cultural industries with access to information and business contacts in the three EU markets selected. The experience will also help your companies to provide feedback to improve the enabling environment in order to increase access to the market through the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) between the EU and CARIFORUM member states.  
In preparation for the Study tour and Mission, The TTCSI hosted a pre-mission briefing in collaboration with the mission consultant Ms. Taiana Mora on June 25th 2012.   TTCSI’s CEO Mr. Nirad Tewarie welcomed the delegates to the pre-mission briefing session stating that the TTCSI was fully committed to provide the required support to the firms to ensure that they reap the benefits of their participation on this venture. At the session, TTCSI Senior Trade Specialist Ms. Florence Louis-Edouard provided participants with an overview of how to prepare for a trade mission, how to get the most out of their participation and how to follow up any contacts in order to boost their businesses.  Ms. Mora was able to provide very useful information on the logistics and planning for the event. The mission is scheduled to take place from 2nd to 11th July 2012, participants will be given the opportunity to engage potential clients, investors, distributors and partners from Europe.  Renowned fashion designers Meiling and Heather Jones have also been invited to attend the Berlin Fashion Week and the Mercedes Benz premier show on July 7th 2012.  

This study tour will culminate with the hosting of the second CARIFORUM-EU Business Forum in the UK later in August. Under the theme, “Making the CARIFORUM-EU Economic Partnership Agreement Work”, the main objectives of the Business Forum are to create awareness about the EPA and to promote business opportunities within sectors that are readily positioned to do business in the EU. The Forum is also designed to enhance the level of trade and investment between CARIFORUM States and the EU. At the Business Forum, business persons and representatives from select business support organisations (BSOs) will be given the opportunity to engage potential clients, investors, distributors and partners from Europe as well as with business representatives from Africa and the Pacific to materialise the projects that would have been identified during the study tour.  The TTCSI will continue to work closely with Caribbean Export, the team at ACE and the selected  firms to ensure that the tangible benefits that arise from the study tour are being pursued and materialise in concrete projects.