Medical Tourism Strategy

May 27, 2013 | News

TTCSI- Draft National Medical Tourism Strategy

Services exports in Trinidad and Tobago currently amount to an estimated US$ 861 million, of which the vast majority (75%) comprises tourism and transport. Therefore, commercial services exports (including financial, ICT, BPO, medical, yachting, professional services, education, creative industries, fashion) amount to an estimated US$ 215 million.
However, there is no official data on the exact composition of
commercial services exports.
The overall objective of the Strategy for Medical Tourism Services is to increase the number of foreign patients visiting Trinidad and Tobago by 6,500 contributing an additional US$ 37 million to services exports and the economy as a whole after 3 years and then grow at of 20% per annum thereafter.


There are ten private hospitals in Trinidad and Tobago (all registered by law with the Ministry of Health under the Private Hospitals Act). The capacity of private hospitals is estimated1 at 39,000 patients per year with estimated current utilisation of 31,000 per annum; meaning there is excess capacity.
Dentistry in Trinidad and Tobago is a wholly private sector area. There are several 1,000 dental practises, many of whom undertake surgery as well as more routine treatments.
According to the Ministry of Health, Trinidad and Tobago has excellent capability and track record (higher than average success rates) in 3 of the main market segments for medical tourism: joint replacements, cardiac surgery and dentistry.
Although some regional and diaspora medical tourists come to Trinidad and Tobago for treatment, the medical tourism sector is under developed and limited.