Services contribute to 60% of the labour force and 48% of the GDP

Membership Application

TTCSI’s membership is comprised of Associations within the services sector of Trinidad and Tobago, but not individuals. However, individual services exporters can take advantage of the full range of benefits TTCSI offers by joining their relevant professional Associations, which are members of TTCSI. Where no professional Association exists, TTCSI is willing to assist any group of professionals looking to form one. Just email us at with your request. Where a professional Association exists, but is not yet a member of TTCSI, bring it to their attention, so that the members of the professional body may enjoy the benefits of being a TTCSI member.

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Application Form

Organisation Information

Name Of Association/Organisation: Association/Organisation Address :
Purpose of Association/Organisation:    
Tel No: Fax No:
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Membership Details

Size of Organisation Type of Membership Corporate Provisional Associate
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Application Procedure

Any Association involved in the Services Sector of Trinidad and Tobago, interested in becoming a Member of TTCSI should:

  • Complete the Application Form
  • Enclose an Application Fee plus an Annual Subscription Fee.
  • Payment may be made by cheque or deposited directly into Account no. 1557153, at any branch of First Citizens Bank. Please enclose a copy of the receipt with your Application Form.
  • Mail or Drop-in ‘a’ and ‘c’ above to:
  • Chief Executive Officer
    Trinidad and Tobago Coalition of Services Industries
    45 Cornelio Street
    Port of Spain


For information and enquires: Tel. (868) 622-9229; Email: